Pan Khajoor

Pan Khajoor

Meenakshi Pan Chutney

Meenakshi Pan Chutney


Digestives were the traditional indian household preparations which were not only flavorsome but also had medicinal usage for digestive troubles.


Sweet cottage cheese dumplings with cardamom flavoured sugar syrup.

Haldiram Soan Papdi

It is a flaky sweets with Almond and Pistachios.

Bikano Gulab Jamun

Those with the sweet tooth can enjoy these mouth-watering golden brown sweets.

Bikano Besan Ladoo

Besan Laddu is a traditional Indian sweet made from the delightful smooth taste of gram flour.

Hajmola candy

Hajmola Candy is a zingy tangy candy that's fun to have, any time of the day. And what's more, it gets your digestive juices working better.It's a great way to enjoy while staying healthy ? with Hajmola Candy's khatta meetha taste and three fun-filled flavours.

Kinder joy

Kinder Joy Chocolate is introduced in India by the Italian Confectioner Ferrero International. Kinder Joy Chocolate is become very popular in India. This brand is very popular among the other leading chocolate companies. Children are mostly attracted to the attractive shaped box packs of the Kinder Joy Chocolate.


Hailed as Cadbury's answer to the emerging market of luxury chocolates, Cadbury unveiled Bournville ? the Indian formula for dark chocolate in 2009.