Hajmola candy

Hajmola Candy is a zingy tangy candy that's fun to have, any time of the day. And what's more, it gets your digestive juices working better.It's a great way to enjoy while staying healthy ? with Hajmola Candy's khatta meetha taste and three fun-filled flavours.

Kinder joy

Kinder Joy Chocolate is introduced in India by the Italian Confectioner Ferrero International. Kinder Joy Chocolate is become very popular in India. This brand is very popular among the other leading chocolate companies. Children are mostly attracted to the attractive shaped box packs of the Kinder Joy Chocolate.


Hailed as Cadbury's answer to the emerging market of luxury chocolates, Cadbury unveiled Bournville ? the Indian formula for dark chocolate in 2009.

Cadbury Celebrations

If there was one challenge that Cadbury faced, then it was in converting the quintessential Mithai loving Indian into a chocolate fan. With Celebrations, we not only succeeded in positioning chocolates as the modern variant over the traditional Mithai, but also managed to connect to the average Indian for whom festivals hold a special significance..

Cadbury Dairy Milk Shots

With a large section of Indians still choosing traditional sweets (Mithai) over chocolates, an offering was required that would seed chocolate consumption amongst non-users and help increase consumption frequency amongst fringe chocolate users. Also, even at its lowest price point, Cadbury chocolate was still inaccessible to majority of the rural population. Therefore, in an effort to upgrade the Candy and Mithai eating consumers to chocolate, Cadbury launched CDM Shots in 2008. An innovative format of sugar coated chocolate made to withstand the rural temperature fluctuations.Positioned as 'chocolate laddoo' and priced at Rs. 2 for 2 pieces, the attempt was to introduce the product to consumers as the perfect value-for-money accompaniment for their small celebratory occasions.

Center Fresh Chewing Gum

Center Fresh, the flagship brand of Perfetti Van Melle's was launched in 1994. It was the first liquid filled chewing gum which has tantalized the taste buds of millions of Indians and is a house hold name today.

Ravalgon Pan Pasand

Hi! Welcome to Ravalgaon. We've been making sweets and toffees for over 70 years now. Wow, has it been that long?! Time does fly when you're having fun. We love what we do here. Putting sweet smiles on millions of faces is the best job in the world, but it's no easy task.