Wagh Bakri Tea

Wagh Bakri Tea Group is a Premium Tea Company, having presence in tea business since 1892. Today it is the 3rd largest packaged tea company in India with a turnover of over Rs. 700 Cr. and over 30 million Kgs of tea distribution. The group is a leading stride in tea exports and retail consumer all over the world. With huge number of Wagh Bakri tea lovers around the world, it has emerged as a truly global brand.

Tata Tea

The brand enjoys almost 'legendary' status in India ? as a trusted 'Superbrand' that not only enjoys market leadership in branded packet tea, but has also transformed the way beverages are marketed through its 'Jaago Re' campaigns.

Taj Mahal tea

Taj Mahal is special because it is made from the rarest and the best tea leaves. Brooke Bond experts go through a lot of rigour to ensure that only the best, freshest and juiciest tea leaves from a thousand go into every Taj Mahal pack. Call us choosy but we want every cup of Taj Mahal to give you the perfect sensorial experience that?s one in a thousand.

Society Tea

Society Tea comes from the lush greenery of India's hilly tea estates, through mist and fog, a pleasant journey began over 75 years ago.

Brooke Bond Red label

Lipton Tea

Lipton® teas were an immediate success in the United States and the United Kingdom. In recognition of his exceptional contribution, Thomas Lipton was knighted by Queen Victoria in 1898, and became Sir Thomas Lipton at the age of forty-eight.Lipton® is now the world?s leading tea brand, sold in more than 150 countries.


Bru specially selected and freshly roasted coffee beans offer a great cup of aromatic coffee to the consumers, which makes their moments of genuine warmth and happiness even more special.

Nescafe Classic

One of the worlds most popular coffee brands. Available in many varieties to suit all tastes and occasions. From Nescafé Classic to our newer well-being products such as Greenblend with higher levels of antioxidants.

Maggi Soups

The new range of Maggi Healthy Soups is distinctly delightful. These soups are made using Nestlé?s new and patented granulation based technology that allows them to retain the freshness of key ingredients, giving you that extra zing of taste. They contain fresh vegetable purees and deliver the taste and aroma of home-made soups. In fact, Nestlé India is amongst the first in the Nestle world to adopt this unique technology.

Knorr Soups

t is not wrong to say that the category of soups was launched by Knorr in India. The Knorr range of soups is available in a number of tasty